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The long course was designed by the renowned course builder Philip Herbert, with the help and skills of Philip and Ian who work on the farm. It runs over 8.5 miles with a variety of jumps ranging from 1ft6 to 3ft that use the natural features of hedges, ditches and undulating countryside to provide an interesting course, a treasure trove of well-built and intelligently designed fences.

The course meanders through a number of different environments which includes Semi-ancient woodland, spinney's, grassland, a canal and a disused railway line. These very different habitats encourage a wide variety of flora and fauna which include foxes, badgers, woodpeckers, kestrels, sparrow hawks, buzzards, hares and deer. Alongside the opportunities to enjoy the wildlife, spectacular views of the surrounding countryside can be enjoyed from the Hemplow Hills and Downtown Hills. The farm is home to many of our more rare native endangered birds such as the tree sparrow and a number of rare moths and butterflies.

All the obstacles are optional which enable riders to enjoy the beautiful countryside at your own pace and you can choose to jump or not. The course is also suitable for more serious cross country schooling of young and old alike.

The two hills on the course make for ideal fittening areas for horses and riders and have been used by point to pointers, eventers and long distance riders. The courses have been sown with a special grass seed mixture to provide a very dense "springy turf".

The short course runs over 3.4 miles and is populated by a number of optional jumps ranging from 2ft to 3ft. Two more courses are in the pipeline and should hopefully be completes in the next two years.

If a club/group/individual wants to hire the whole course/courses/school for an extended period of time for their personal use or to run an event, each request will be priced on an individual basis. The price would depend on what they wanted to hire, for how long and for how many.